If only we embraced what seems to be true

You learn so much from me I learn so much from you

At some profound level just right where we are

We are mortal learning machines that have traveled far

Constantly sorting scanning processing

Sometimes being driven by our obsessing

Curious about this and drawn to that

We want to know about intuition and fact

Way more important than facts we look up

How do they relate how do they hook up

It’s about application of the new to the old

Taking what we see having to be bold

This is how progress moves us to new spheres

Keeping us all occupied for years upon years

It’s quite exquisite the way that it works

The capacity to learn a great human perk

When you see youngsters bright and inquisitive

Foster their questions do not be diminutive

You never know who they’ll turn out to be

Einstein, Bell, Edison, Musk or Marconi

What is your current learning horizon?

Are you excited about it?

What’s your favorite way of learning?

Is there anyone you are learning with?

How do you inspire each other?

Did you know learning releases endorphins into your system?

How does that feel?

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