Lose something precious in recent days

Causing pause about mending habitual ways

Inside you lies the answer

You are the source and principal dancer

Something is missing there is a gain

That is the beauty of living through pain

The empty feeling to be expected

After adjustments you’ll be resurrected

Go through the sadness get over the ledge

A much better outcome than to fall off the edge

What you call life is a high-wire act

Takes courage to live that is a fact

So now the answer live fully each moment

One foot then another you’re not overloaded

Remember that god never gives any more

Than what you are able to carry for sure

Keep going out making your mark

Take time to heal be good to your heart

This is the task of modern times

The challenge my friends to keep making rhymes

Have you recently separated from something important to you?

A partner, spouse, job, profession, community, family member?

Have you taken some time to explore the ways you are talking to yourself about what happened and the ways you might learn from the experience?

What are you doing to digest the experience and move on?

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