On the edge here and there

Feeling of getting nowhere

No grounding place of home

In a big crowd all alone


Keeps you stagnant has you gripped

Never speaking your mouth zipped

For others you have answers

Telling them how to be dancers


Want it all not miss anything

Want everyone everything

Let go what keeps you on the ground

Before next perch ready sound


Given givens what do you do now

To relieve stress furrowed brow

Turn left center right

Keep walking way past midnight


No one has answers no one but you

This journey takes and gives too

Get clear of facts and decide

Trust instincts god by your side


No bad choice cannot get worse

Living in limbo is a curse

“Not knowing” is its own hell

Recognize let it be your bell


Do what you must make up your mind

Make a decision put it behind

Finding you have chosen wrong

Choose again sing a new song


What keeps you from making choices?

Do you know you can make another decision if you find out your choice is no longer the best one?

– Stewart Levine ©

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