Beyond turmoil randomness of the dice
Launched into new space you hope is nice
Free of cogitation and migraine brain
Time now for action all that remains

Scared indecision primal fear had you gripped
Afraid to make choices afraid you’ll be gypped
As you baffled options back and then forth
Your aqueous fluids whipped into froth

Suddenly cheerful out of the tube
You’ve had your ears full now it’s time to groove
You’ve dispersed clouds thunder ended the rain
Lightening enabled you let go of the pain

Doing is easy once you know what
Deciding’s the hard part you must cast your lot
Freedom is waiting when you make a choice
Begin celebrating where you can rejoice

Always remember if you choose “wrong”
You get to choose over sing a different song
Your precious effort not wasted for naught
Each time you decide lessons are taught

How much have you suffered making decisions?
How much have you suffered over making the wrong decision?
What have you learned from the “wrong” decisions you have made?
Was the price paid in suffering worth the cost of the wrong decision?
What does that tell you about the decision making process?
How will that impact your future behavior?

– Stewart Levine ©

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