It’s a frightening place sitting on the fence

Your internal rumblings or the fault of someone else

Do you turn left do you turn right

Do you stay put because of your fright


Everything has good and bad plus minus on the ledger

How might you evaluate and choose your next endeavor

Do you meditate or pray ask for divine intervention

Do you flip a coin or “Franklin close” to clarify intention


Beat yourself or love yourself and ignore your indecision

Go to bed or let your head indulge in each revision

When it’s time to draw the line and you can’t dawdle any longer

Do you fool yourself or someone else who thinks you are stronger


Win or lose you must choose or it will be done for you

Sink or swim the vote is in new ground is before you

Here you are you’ve passed the bar of your own indecision

Now the truth no super sleuth could have done your revision


What does this mean these words that scream and stifle your intention

Truth be known down at the bone no matter the direction

There’s good and bad in every choice each one will be fruitful

Just declare and then you’re done deciding’s very useful


One more thought you’ve not been taught that’s profound in its meaning

The struggles that have had you gripped will never leave you beaming

So choose real quick make a pick that requires scant exploration

Down the road when it unfolds you’ll have your revelation


How do you make decisions?

Do you find yourself struggling?

Are the struggles your attempt to make the “RIGHT” decision?

Have you realized there might not be any such thing as a right decision?

Does your inaction reflect some level of taking yourself too seriously?

How might you improve your own decision making?

Do you realize that you always get to choose again?

– Stewart Levine ©

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