Find self in unions boundaries define
Engage with others you see the line
Tightly bonded to someone else
Experience teaches you discover self

Often driven by fear not play
Get close to others run away
Fear of losing self identity
Drama pushes you and me

Want to fully explore
Merge with others be reborn
Boundaries keep you apart
Remember share a joyous heart

Faith courage guide discovery of you
Through life entwine others too
Survive unions in which you melt
Realize bounce back discover self

Tension forced you to express
Uniqueness making you yourself
What emerges as you remain intact
Never bow to another’s act

Listen speak see you emerge
Notice birthing power surge
Counter-intuitive to what you know
Own your essence engage and grow

Have you learned about yourself engaged with others?

Given we discover ourselves in relationship,
who do you choose to be with and how do they support self-discovery?

– Stewart Levine ©

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