We find ourselves in unions where boundaries are defined
Comparing self to others is where we see the lines
Often we are driven by fear not by play
When we get close to others sometimes we run away

The sense we will get lost and lose identity
Is a prevailing logic that pushes you and me
What is clearly truthful we do find ourselves
When we’re tightly bonded to somebody else

The place we want to get to and fully explore
How to merge with others and in that be reborn
Let go of false divisions that keep you apart
Remember to remember you share a common heart

Let faith and courage guide how to remain yourself
As you go through life entwining other selves
When you survive experience in which you did melt
From that you discover how to bounce back to yourself

Notice how the tension will force you to express
What is unique about you and makes you yourself
Notice what emerges when you remain intact
You never have to bow down to another’s act

Listen to your speaking observe yourself emerge
Notice your own birthing and the power surge
It’s counter-intuitive opposite to what you think you know
Finding your own presence when you engage and grow

Have you ever taken the time to notice how much you learn
about your own identity and what you are capable of when
you engage with others?
Think about the idea that we find ourselves in relationship to others?
What does that say about who we chose to hang out with?
How do current relationships support your self-discovery?

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