Trust your icons institutions that inspire

Ideas and ideals that light your fire

Concepts and constructs held in your heart

Principles you count on like history and art

As you go on living moving through daze

Bedrocks you relied on shift into a haze

Profound your confusion as you look for new ground

Your earth badly shaken you can’t speak a sound

The shock to your system far wide and deep

It shifts your perspective and makes you weep

Inside your deep sadness rage disbelief

More innocence shattered as you engage your grief

One moment lofty standing on firm bedrock

With a solid support team reliable as a clock

Next moment sand castles have all disappeared

Your worst concern realized it’s just what you feared

Did I push my limit and test my bounds

Did I undo myself in search of the next round

Where you look and focus frames what you see

It’s all before you choose carefully

How many times have you been disappointed by what you assumed was a solid individual or institution?

How many times have you realized after taking the time to reflect on the

situation that what went on was very predictable?

Are you on an edge now that calls for real discernment?

Will you devote the time you deserve?

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