Rage inside does not stop

God laughs as species flop

This planet a gift in our sacred trust

Can’t seem to harness intention or thrust

Leaves on trees shrivel and die

All the prosperity yet we do cry

Beauty potential promise denied

Where’s our genius don’t we have pride

Big bombs easy let’s explode the moon

This at our peril species in ruin

Enough boy toys time to grow wise

Show compassion for rage in their eyes

Look for solutions not quick dropping bombs

We know missiles cause greater harms

Invite a collective wise women we know

To steward the planet run the whole show

With intuition feminine wiles

Forget politics turn rage into smiles

Holding our focus on what does not serve

Forces discovery though we loose verve

War’s not the answer only brings more

Enemies remember revenge finds a door

Dooming our children to the grave of our fear

Can’t we sing heart song salvation’s so near

Enough here for all more than enough

Explore how to care for not being tough

All people want bloom into life

Food shelter education a path that’s right

All deserve safety opportunity to grow

Abundance is here in this paradise we know

Our resources more than enough

Distribution the challenge delivery of the right stuff

Do you believe we have a resource or distribution challenge?

If you were in charge what would you set as priorities for how

we use planetary resources?
– Stewart Levine ©

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