What rages inside does not want to stop
God surely is laughing our species a flop
The gift of this planet is our sacred trust
Though we can’t harness our intention or thrust

The leaves on our trees shrivel and die
All the prosperity makes you want to cry
Such beauty potential promise denied
Where is our genius do we have no pride

Big bombs are so easy let’s explode the moon
This at our peril our species in ruin
Enough of boy toys time to grow and be wise
Having compassion when there’s rage in their eyes

Why not look for solutions why so quick to drop bombs
We know our missiles will cause greater harms
Let’s invite a collective the wise women we know
Let them steward this planet run the whole show

Using intuition and feminine wiles
Forgiving history turning rage into smiles
Holding our focus on what does not serve
Dooms us to discover we might loose our verve

War’s never the answer it only brings more
Enemies remember revenge finds a door
Dooming our children to the grave of our fear
Can’t we sing with heart song salvation’s so near

Enough here for everyone more than enough
Let’s explore how to care for rather than being tough
All people want freedom to bloom in life
Food shelter health education a path that seems right

All deserve safety opportunity to grow
Enough here for everyone a paradise to sow
Let us use our resources they are more than enough
Distribution the challenge serving those the right stuff

Do you believe we have a resource or distribution challenge?
What do you consider ways in which we waste resources?
If you were in charge what would you set as priorities for how we use resources?
Given that politics is the series of conversations by which decisions are made about how to expend organizational resources what do you think about the current US political process?

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