This word we keep hearing in many contexts

What does it mean what are the next steps

Is it a program that atones for the past

Fostering fear of leaving what we know can’t last

Affirmative action quotas and such

Reverse discrimination lawsuits as a crutch

Labeling formulas all forcing fear

What are the steps to get there from here

When you get beyond the threats and bluster

It’s all about learning growth can you muster

Tolerance openness seeing that others

Aspire like you they’re sisters and brothers

The critical change do not focus on difference

That is the key to victory and deliverance

Sure there are many superficial diversions

None that is threatening or calls up aspersions

Focus on ways we are all the same

Importance of black white red yellow will fade

As this world shifts and dominance reverses

Embrace the new truth stifle your curses

The way to success and feeling clean

Let go of divisions though you may not be so keen

Realize whatever you have been told

Are stories not truth let them go they are old

Where in your life do you still harbor bigotry?

How does it serve you? Hurt you? Honor you?

What changes might you make to demonstrate you no longer tolerate bigotry within?

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