What emotion grips us sometimes

Sneaking up on us without rhythm or rhyme

A feeling of empty deep in your soul

A longing to fill up a big empty hole

Regardless of study awareness and grace

It comes upon you and fills up your space

Sometimes pointing to a specific cause

Sometimes coming from what once was

So as you sit in the sadness that is

Try to send it away it’s not your biz

Forget it won’t happen can’t chase it away

Can’t rush or ignore or distract by some play

The longing has lessons if you pay attention

It comes with a voice giving you direction

Listen quietly to the whisper inside

The voice is your friend ally and guide

Take heed the direction it asks you to take

Honor the message wrapped up in heartache

Trust the reality go deep explore

Follow the depth that leads to a door

What is the sadness you are experiencing at the present time?

When you are quiet what is the voice inside the sadness saying to you?

Is there action you need to take or stop?

Is there a relationship that needs healing or attention?

What will make you whole?

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