Life is a dream state know what I mean

We’re all engaged in fantasy choosing what is seen

Whatever we are viewing is what we project

What it is we’re missing is our own neglect

Things we aspire to and things we treasure

Are at our own fingertips when we desire pleasure

We control our essence our deep core of light

We have what we choose because we think it’s right

The roar of our greasepaint and smell of our crowd

Maintains our focus our performance makes us proud

The core of our learning as we move on

Comes from reflecting on what’s come and gone

We hear our own footsteps as we’re growing old

When we fear our safety and start feeling cold

The risks we took in youth

Easier when we quested for truth

And as you aspire seeking out your ends

Huddling with family and knowing real friends

Remembering your essence remembering your dreams

Do not ever let them go let faith provide the steam

Do you believe there is some fixed objective reality or do you believe there is some element of a collective dream state we have all bought into?

What does your response inform you of in terms of your sense of control and free will?

How much of your world reflects your personal dream state?

How much do you want to change that state?

What’s in the way?

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