Some point in time on the line of our living

Our life slows down to a sense of forgiving

Forgive me for this let go of that

As we plod forward on a jagged track

Life is not easy gets more complicated

As we step along often belated

Getting understanding after the fact

Clarity comes long after the act

That is a trick simple mind plays

As we trod a path counting our days

We don’t have forever here on this earth

Birth begins dying no matter net worth

What happens inside at some point in time

Our body fails we lose our brine

Muscles grow weak hearts start to flutter

Speech becomes slurred the eloquent stutter

Days become numbered bodies get thick

When we reflect it’s gone by too quick

As you think back on your youthful reign

Remember the pleasure when faced with pain

Endurance and focus joy in this place

Provide some footholds on your path to grace

Remember pleasure is not what to expect

Let your joyous giving salve each sense of regret

What are you carrying around that’s weighing you down?

Do you realize that by holding onto a past hurt, slight or betrayal you are the one suffering the physical consequences of stress?

Do you understand that letting go is more about a gift to yourself than a gift bestowed on others? Do you understand you can do it unilaterally?

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