Where do we find strength to carry our weight

Holding onto sacred playing out our fate

No simple answers or easy fast decisions

One foot then the next through continuous revisions

The joy that we’ve known serves to honor self

So too deep sadness heartsickness we’ve felt

Sitting on edge many things unraveling

Dissonant voices at odds soon will come shattering

When we were young life often seemed simple

Trauma sometimes easy like an unwanted pimple

Now we are older know so much more

Our complex experience is what we’re here for

It does not get easier moving down our path

As tests show up we need a fortified craft

Sometimes the pressure greater than we can bear

Then the road beckons from way over there

Can you go back in time you were in your youth

Expectant Triumphant Simplistic Truth

Those days are behind in the distant past

For solace in the present what’s your high mass

What do you draw strength from when you are feeling emotional or spiritual challenges?

Who or where do you turn to?

What is the kind of nurturance that moves you beyond the edge?

What is the kind of nurturance that sustains you?

What is the kind of nurturance that keeps you from the edge?

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