No greater satisfaction than digging deep

Expending effort until you fall asleep

A healthy sense of empty when you are spent

Can you see where all that energy went

Whatever pulls and draws you to give

Whatever your gifts they are reason to live

Give of them freely don’t hold them back

Especially knowing you’re on the right track

What you give freely comes back many fold

The reward consolation as you grow old

In the meanwhile you feel good everyday

Knowing you earned your daily pay

A sense of belonging a deep sense of pride

The richness of knowing you’re on the right side

Others who see know you guide the way

They help reveal you and your holy way

It’s not about money recognition or fame

It’s not about your ego or name

It’s all about giving sharing your soul

It’s all about making others more whole

What is the gift that you cannot help giving?

What do others say about the work that you do?

Are there places where what you provide is a valuable contribution to others?

Are there other places it would provide value to others?

Are you clear about what your best work is?

Do you give it freely?

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