Warm syrup flows within
Quiet mind no chattering chagrin
Silence black empty space
No concern running this race

Serene presence calming pure
Heart body mind aligned to ensure
Essence embraces those you hold
Daily giving never old

Uncover what’s inside
Navigate your personal tide
Thoughtful sharing never whim
Treasured wisdom from within

Make sure family has peaceful sleep
Drying teardrops before they weep
Longing only to give take care
Helping others get to where

Peace from knowing who you are
Where you fit how you star
Integrity to the bone
In a crowd silence of alone

Perch you alight quiet perspective
Not from any outer directive
Sourcing wisdom from your soul
Agenda sometimes takes a toll

How would friends describe the essence of you?

Do you do work in the world around that best part?

– Stewart Levine ©

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