‘Glowing warm syrup flowing within

Quiet clear mind no chatter or chagrin

Hearing the silence of black empty space

No longer concerned about running “their” race

Sweet serene presence calming and pure

Heart body mind aligned to ensure

Essence embracing those that you hold

This daily giving never gets old

Your only longing to give and take care

Sharing what’s inside and how you got here

Making sure family sleeps peaceful sleep

Drying teardrops before they become a weep

The perch you alight on has quiet perspective

It did not come from an outer directive

Its source is the wisdom locked in your soul

Pushing to the surface as time took its toll

Your peace comes from knowing just who you are

Where you fit in and how you star

A sense of integrity down to the bone

Out in a crowd in silence alone

How would you describe the essence that’s you?

How would your best friends describe it?

Have you ever thought about designing your work around the best part of you?

What might that look like?

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