Welling up inside the power of presence
This palpable life force projecting your essence
Present every moment residing within
Call upon it everyday with no more than a whim

It’s who you are stronger than steel
Radiant vibrations reveal the you that is real
It never abandons though you might leave it
That can take place when deceived by your wit

When you are waning not feeling strong
Losing direction and where you belong
Head out to the forest alone that’s best
Lie down get quiet give yourself a rest

Breathe in the green trees inhale the mountains
Let them seep inside refilling your fountains
Let the blue sky fill your aching heart
Let whistling wind give your song a new start

Forces in nature restore who you are
Revealing your truths you need not search far
The energy in you the source of your power
Is just like a redwood each and every hour

How do you renew yourself?
Are you aware of how powerful nature is?
How might you use it on a regular basis?
What are the ways you can tap into it?
Is anything preventing that?

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