Engaged by a project bigger than you

Gripped by production that pulls you through

Longing supplanted by action profound

Thrusting you forward both feet on the ground

Propelled from inside no fear or complaint

Beyond conscious intention pushed from the gate

The calling that’s driving steering your ship

A profound navigator attached at the hip

No sense of tired till you run out of steam

As you push forward living your dream

Pure fascination watching yourself emerge

Smiles enveloping when you’re on the verge

Whatever the destiny that’s been calling you

It’s right in your face no need for more blue

The sense of being lost that had you griped in fear

Fades to distant memory as reward comes near

Do not give up seeking never give in

Never discount what feels like a big win

Honor the spirit that drives from inside

Let it guide and take you on an E ticket ride

Keep intact the wisdom follow spirits call

Honor holy presence it will give you all

Cleave to your mission let all else recede

Welcome the joy of the gifts you receive

What engages you deeply, compels you to dig in and work?

Do you resist or engage?

What kind of satisfaction does it provide while you are working on it?

What vision do you have of what it will provide when it is complete?

How does it contribute to your legacy and mission?

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