Stressing and straining seeking treasured stature

Questing others notice that you want to matter

Longing recognition and a sense of fame

Has winning at any cost become your favored game

Comparing yourself to accomplishments of others

Competing with sisters and brothers

Taking on this taking on that

All the while shouting notice me where I’m at

One day you wake up wonder and ask

What have I been doing with each “lofty” task

The moment you realize that you are enough

You don’t have to persist in all of that stuff

Holding yourself worthy deserving happiness

It’s not about your doing it’s about being ness

All of your lofty goals and positions

Does nothing for the real statisticians

When driven by mother father husband wife

The real question is “do you have a life?”

Real happy is simple warm kindness and laughter

Gemutlich and feeling secure each day after

Preparing fresh food staying close to the earth

Smiles laughter companionship provide daily rebirth

You deserve your own sweet bliss

Realizing you’re enough provides happiness

Your god gifted nature and presence alone

Authentic expression that you have sown

That is the real gift you bring to earth

That sweet pure essence is your real worth

Why do you do what you do?

What are you really cultivating? Why?

Do you have to do what you do to get what you really want?

Is there a more direct path for you?

If you know what it is can you begin to work on it now?

What are you waiting for?

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