Most not sure what to do
React with haste sit and stew
Never bedrock or clear
No thinking about what is dear

Pointed focus with great strength
Indecision jaw is clenched
With misgivings uncertainty
Can’t see a way to set you free

Find freedom avoid remorse
See consequence of a course
Planetary pain makes you scream
Unfiltered action without a dream

See yourself in every scene
Embody results live that dream
Get into feelings and mental sets
See it all before taking steps

Listen to voices from inside
Truthful beyond personal pride
Resist win/lose use common sense
Honor a world beyond pretense

In your cauldron heat passion cool
Avoid saying I was such a fool
Open to depths that bubble up
Honor the voice of your wisdom cup

Do you imagine what will follow action before doing or saying something?

– Stewart Levine ©

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