There are many people not sure what to do

They act hastily react and sit and stew

Never get to bottom never get clear

Never take the time or thought to get to what is dear

It takes a pointed focus and a lot of strength

To hang in indecision when your jaw is clenched

When you have misgivings and uncertainty

It’s hard to choose a course that will set you free

To get to real freedom best to avoid remorse

Envision all the consequence before choosing a course

Most of the planet’s sadness pain that makes you scream

Stems from untempered action not attached to any dream

Put yourself in the future play out every scene

Embody all the results of living in that dream

Get into all the feelings all the mental sets

Understand the place you’ll be when you take those steps

Listen to the voices that speak from deep inside

They will tell your own truth beyond foolish pride

It’s not about your victory or your common sense

It’s honoring your inner world beyond all pretense

Move slowly in your cauldron let heat and passion cool

You do not want to reflect and say I was such a fool

Be open to your own depths let them bubble up

Take the time for your true voice to fill your wisdom cup

How good are you at imagining what will follow from a particular action?

Do you take thoughtful time to listen to yourself and others before taking action?

What have you learned from going through that process?

How has it impacted your way of acting in the world?

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