How do you get to the center of your heart

Caring for self with tears and art

No simple answer here on earth

Each day fostering delivery and birth


Situations life serves teach a great deal

Charting direction showing what’s real

Learning experience pointing the way

Groping for answers a personal play


Gusto intensity living brings forth

Trying this that drinking your trough

Glory inside not fading away

At times battered navigating the fray


In the long run return to godhead

Where pure spirit lives and essence is fed

Pretend what you have here is real

As your dream states reflect what you feel


Chances you take journey you follow

Surely perfect though you think hollow

Purpose of living not material gain

Power presence learned from pleasure and pain


What are your activities teaching you?

Are you pushing edges or playing safe, and are there arenas testing forces of expansion in your life?

Can you go deeper and wider?

– Stewart Levine ©

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