Sweet bubbling up the essence of you

A wide smile on your face so welcoming too

Your arms open wide receiving’s your gift

Giving’s your nature that was your big shift

Realizing your source comes from within

Embracing that truth enables many wins

Honoring yourself with the gift of that presence

Opens the flow of your nectars sweet essence

Your sense of fulfillment is on the surface

You live your life devoted to service

Knowing your god is at your side

And that pure love resides deep inside

Tears and pain washed away by a dove

Gone from your life purified in pure love

After a while you realize it’s true

God’s both outside and inside of you

As you carry on walking your path

Faith’s elixir provides a deep soothing bath

You’re never alone without any bliss

What’s inside your heart holds you in a kiss

Have you experienced knowing that within you lies all the strength and power you need?

What was that moment like for you?

What do you call that power and how does it contribute to your life?

How do you use it?

How do you share it?

How do you nurture it?

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