Home is where your heart is where your mind rests at ease
Where your body lets go no need to fight or please
Beauty that is in you revealed without a race
No need to mask your essence you embody profound grace

There is no sense of pretense no filter on what you do
It is a place where flow is it can be old or new
Some people never have it toiling life away
They never find a resting place to slow down and play

How is it you can capture who you really are
Step into your observer and drink in your star
Your essence is eternal there is not much to do
Please enjoy the solace of the rhythm that is you

Do you have a place where you can let go and just be?
If you do not have one now did you ever have one?
What was / is it like?
How do you describe the value of it?
Do you understand that it’s like yoga…stretching is about letting go, not about efforting?

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