The longer I live the more I know

Sometimes I think I’m just an old crow

At the same time while thinking I am

Lapses and mystery say that’s a sham

Growth and expansion stretching the ends

Simultaneous opposites giving you bends

It leaves me so big and full of myself

Except of course when immobilized and bereft

As life unfolds with mystery and awe

What keeps us alive is the learning and more

When we let go of being so sure

What we don’t know becomes the allure

Wondering inquiring searching for explanation

The aim understanding what quiets frustration

Focusing on what expands our presence

An orientation that keeps revealing new essence

The sweet perfume from new laser-like clarity

While at the same time vaporization polarity

Stay open receptive inquiring and grow

Feed and keep seeking what you cannot know

What keeps you alive, motivated, excited, engaged?

Are you doing enough of it?

What could you do more of to keep you excited about life day to day?

What’s boring to you that you might stop doing?

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