Who are you when they all go away
Alone in your room what do you say
The presence you are when you’re alone
Is a portion of who you are on the phone

We get bigger when with another
Not quite as present as with a lover
Around the table where you often sit
The presence you are grows when you’re with

In front of a room the teacher in command
The feeling grows bordering on grand
Put you in a hall you get even bigger
In spite of the fear that makes you quiver

In a large stadium you must expand
Projecting energy like you were a band
That small voice inside is magnified so
Your message empowers making you grow

Your unique presence is drawn out by others
Your holiness coaxed by sisters and brothers
You may never know who you might be
Let courage inspire and allow you to see

Who are you in the face of others and how do you show up differently in different contexts?
What context motivates you to be bigger than you think you are?
Where do you draw the courage from to step into that space?
What holds you back?

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