Helping many others get from here to there

That’s the task we have at hand that is why we’re here

Drawing out their thinking having them reflect

Helping them find places where they intersect

Looking for solutions to what’s in the way

Of achieving their goals even if they can’t say

Forging through the tough zone when it is real thick

Careful not to push too hard or do it too quick

First establish ground rules that helps prevent fights

Understand the sticking points that keep us up at night

Focus on agreement that satisfies them all

After we can figure out what makes them trip and fall

Get them into action engaged with their crusade

Using your whole toolbox from which your craft is made

It is a heart-felt calling that draws us to serve

Sometimes we must do it when we’ve lost our nerve

No greater satisfaction than seeing they’re on track

Not until we’ve served their mission do we turn our back

Where is our next assignment what does god have in mind

Where can we ignite vision when others just go blind

Sometimes it’s frustrating exhausting and unkind

Sometimes there is no time to breathe sit or unwind

In those pausing moments when you’re feeling spent

Have faith and remember giving’s heaven sent

Do you find serving others satisfying?

What in particular feels good?

Do you like to create connection and collaboration in places it does not exist?

Is there a downside for stepping in?

Are you willing to pay the price and do it anyway?

What motivates you?

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