Feeling whole safe with rest
Relax let go of all not best
Peaceful presence over you
No searching rest in true

Warmth of being known
Freedom comfort you are home
Essential welcome context deep
Richest slumber needed sleep

Blessing bestowed on you
Enables what you’re called to do
External glory from that ground
Your foundation is profound

Fortunate you received this gift
Lovely beginning supports each shift
Potential glory reflected in you
Loving always sees you through

Perspective and wisdom imparted
Values meaning compassion started
Gift of family a deep solid core
Supporting what you came for

Moving forward carving path
The scythe of giving a wide swath
Remember your source of strength
Ennobling value your great wealth

How has your context supported your journey?

What lessons were part of your foundation and
what helped you through adversity?

– Stewart Levine ©

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