This feeling of wholeness safety and rest
You relax and let go of all that’s not best
A peaceful pure presence comes over you
No striving or searching you rest in what’s true

The honesty and warmth of being known
Provides freedom and comfort that tells you you’re home
Essential warm feelings provide context that’s deep
You fall off in slumber and sleep profound sleep

This fortunate blessing bestowed upon you
Enables the outreach destiny calls you to do
The glory external comes from the ground
Of your foundation that’s truly profound

How did you deserve such a marvelous gift
Your lovely beginning supported each shift
Potential glory reflected in you
Unconditional loving will see you through

Perspectives and wisdom imparted to you
Values and meaning and compassion too
The gift of this family was a deep solid core
The presence supporting what you came here for

As you move forward carving your path
Let the scythe of your giving cut a wide swath
Always remember the source of your strength
Its ennobling value is your great wealth

How has the context you came from supported your journey?
What were the abiding lessons that remain the foundation of your being?
What learning’s came on the affirmative side?
What learning’s came through adversity?
Who do you need to thank and acknowledge?

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