Roll with the punches go with the flow
These admonitions what they say is so
Find your own balance as worlds rearrange
Exceeding expectations sometimes very strange

Amazing projections from your mind’s eye prelude
The psychic dimensions of your world as renewed
Sacred prognostications from dimensions profound
Emerge from the unconscious impacting what’s around

The world as you know it always shifting shape
As you stand observing with your mouth agape
Sometimes they are gradual sneaking up on you
Sometimes very radical profound or taboo

You can rarely predict that is for sure
As you keep opening door upon door
Sometimes denying scenarios that open to you
Frustrating your future spoiling the needed new

One thing is for certain as you travel life
Resistance often stifles causes needless strife
Minimize internal fighting maximize energy flow
Coast and soar on currents let your being be aglow

Do you know when you are in a state of flow?
How do you get in the way of your own flow?
How do you let the world around you impact your state of flow?
What impacts your flow?
Can you use it consciously?

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