Time to express what you think
No hiding behind eyes that blink
Laser intensity your clarity shines
Honor your thoughts and Divine’s

No gibberish now or menacing fear
Your power the voice in your ear
Let many hear what you know
They honor wisdom thanking you so

Stay clear on your missions’ plan
Manifest vision quick as you can
Not about the small ego you hold
About humanity your license bold

Mind weakness dragging your skirt
Don’t be afraid of fingernail dirt
Attend wobble or babble within
Stalwart steadfast with a strong chin

Let go of shame and foolish pride
Chariot is fast on your noble ride
Clouds of illusion empty fake rain
Uncover resolve let go of false pain

Do you know the observer you are sees and can share something unique?

Are you developing, refining, and communicating messages you came to deliver?

– Stewart Levine ©

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