Shedding old skins that too tightly bind

Moving through doors expanding to find

Space to get bigger in your own mind

Searching for comfort being more kind

For some life’s sedate routine that’s fixed

For rhythm is from their mix

Always important in your own home

Realize each juncture you go alone

Each person’s different step on the rung

Inner voices dictate your next plunge

Often not knowing where is our path

How wide or narrow the cut of our swath

Most important one step then another

Remember to honor sister and brother

The mistake we make following our trail

Forgetting others also seeking their grail

Each sacred step comforts your beast

Feeding your hunger is a new feast

Remember it’s never about them or you

Finding the way all are winners too

As you think about your next steps

Let god be witness who guides and directs

First choose where then choose who

Ask in that order to yourself be true

Always remember what lights your path

Honor the presence of the heavenly bath

Look for the essence that takes care of all

No reason in the world for any to fall

What are the next steps for you?

Where do you need to explore?

What are you searching for?

What are the questions that intrigue you?

Do they have answers you might know?

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