Now is the time today the day

For you to let go of what gets in your way

So long to fear good-bye resentment

Here lies the key to forever contentment

It’s about you what you choose to do

It’s not about them what they’re going through

Let go what your holding set new intention

Lighten your load for your new direction

What you hang onto does effect you

Firing your endocrines making your blood boil too

Impacts your health and your decisions

Then you spend time revising revisions

Look at this suggestion deconstruct it quite closely

Then you will know what it’s about mostly

When you say slowly the word forgiveness

Out comes the phrase for give ness

Here is revealed the truth of the matter

When you are for give ness hearts pitter-patter

It takes care of you it takes care of them

You get renewed and start over again

How do you hold forgiveness?

Does it benefit you or them?

Are you sure?

Can you hold forgiveness as a gift you give yourself?

Why not?

Do you know that forgiveness is the letting go of the situation?

Why not try it and say goodbye to a difficult situation?

Notice how that restores your health?

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