Suddenly flat without chatter
Complaints gone no matter
Visions for tomorrow clear
What you want already here

No shattering noise dissonant sound
All is quiet no longer bound
Crippling programs of yesterday’s mind
Fading receding leaving behind

Yesterday’s storms you have weathered
New freedom of being untethered
Monsters conquered chased or dead
Purged from awareness a new clear head

What resides inside you
Now you’re empty no longer blue
What do you say every day
To provide direction and sense of play

Messages come loud and clear
Let go attachments no holding dear
All’s transitory it shifts and moves
Let go irksome find your grooves

Don’t fight the river float downstream not up
Life’s not a struggle do fill up your cup
Be even serene observe all that passes
Rise above understand engage in life’s classes

What thinking habits are you holding that no longer serve?

What words affirm and serve who you are now?

– Stewart Levine ©

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