Becoming complacent set in our ways
We act on old habits from day to day
Doing today what we did before
Then being stops and “we” are no more

We like building structure and routine things
Then we stop noticing when our bell rings
Becoming so busy with our “chores”
Forgetting there’s room for so much more

Longing for sparks and what’s alive
Longing for things that make us thrive
Longing for newness in our life
Longing art’s invention to be our midwife

Wanting to birth a new creation
What’s old no longer provides elation
Wanting to honor what’s deep inside
Wanting to feel a sense of pride

It’s hard to live without the prod
Of glory inside your own sacred yard
When complacency causes a sense of angst
It’s time to reinvent and have a new life

What are the ways you have become complacent?
Have mindless routines become the norm?
Are those routines serving you or are they just habits?
What might you create to restore a sense of excitement?
How will this contribute to your aliveness?

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