Friends don’t need a mirror
They’re object you’re a giver
Hold heal stretch reveal
Keep on course sturdy keel

They provide you can’t assess
In money gold or success
Allow who you are
Needed they come far

Love accept what you do and say
Disagree respect anyway
Gentle cajoling keeps you on toes
See misgivings when you’re no rose

Presence comforts it’s transparent
When required they’re a parent
Come in all sizes shapes colors
Add to family sisters brothers

Chill anxiety lower hypertension
Help you choose new direction
In the end ready to go
Bless passing with loves glow

Honored by riches friends hold
Don’t be shy tell them they’re gold
Acknowledge them and their gift
Let them know they’re your lift

Keep cherish all they do
Kiss tell them you need their purview
Friends enable who you are
Set you afire like a shining star

Who do you count as friends?

Do they know what they mean?

How can you honor their presence in your life?

– Stewart Levine ©

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