What an honor it is to care for another

To take care the concerns of a sister or brother

To hear their voices and anticipate needs

To fulfill their desires and offer sweet deeds

Receiving them fully no matter their wound

Allowing their humanity feeding nourishing food

Offering your whole self to cherish and love

Providing your kindness being their dove

Some people do this with ease and grace

Some do it over as they move place to place

Others resist live in their own skin

They cannot let go of concerns within

If you can release get big embrace

The needs of another give you a new face

No longer focused on your inner map

Your feet will tingle have a bounce even tap

When you look around do you get a sense

You can provide gifts like nobody else

You fill in what’s missing seek to give not to take

You see the sweet apples and you have to bake

Take the ingredients in front of you

Your sacred recipes can create a new roux

When ready to leave let others observe

You came to care to give and to serve

Do you spend much time scanning your environment looking for what others need?

When was the last time you did?

Have you experienced the gifts you get when you care for the concerns of others?

What is your resistance?

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