God Love

How do you know when you have met god

Does god say welcome and give you a nod

Do you sense security is there a warmth within

Heart open with compassion do you wear a grin

Do you wander earth bathed in peaceful delight

Do you sleep soft and sweetly all through every night

Is all well with loved ones are they on a path

Do they no longer harbor great anger or wrath

Do you find yourself longing for a peace on earth

Does your belly feel full without rotund girth

Is your life work filled with a pure noble mission

Do you feel the blessing of a high quality vision

Do people you see often draw forth your compassion

Do you fight injustice with unrelenting passion

Do you have a circle of love in your life

Do those relationships flow without any strife

Do you harbor little fear of death that will come

Do you really know where your power is from

If you understand what is said above

You are blessed because you know god is only love

How many of the questions did you say yes to?

Was it a stretch?

Do you see where the need for inner and outer work is?

Do you think it’s as simplistic as the framework expressed or is it much more complex and ethereal ?

What’s the thinking behind your response?

What if it were that simple?

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