What is this feeling peace tranquility
This nectar flowing with joyful ability
The gift that it brings gives all so much
It’s not from the doing achievement or such

It must be the glue the force and the power
Whatever holds you each moment and hour
It fills up the space it is the void
Present to all when you’re not annoyed

If this or that gets in the way
Godhead is present to you every day
It is the sea sky ground and air
Whatever is empty it fills with care

You’re never alone and never off course
The blessing with you through any remorse
What could you want that it cannot see
The sweet and gentle the bird and bee

It holds and caresses down to the soul
It tickles your toes and fills up any hole
It lifts you up to the brightest stars
Imprisoned no longer it removed all bars

Let us be thankful and say a prayer
Gifted this life good to be here
Rejoice celebrate honor your sacred living
Remember always thanks is worth giving

What are all the things you have to be grateful for?
Can you relish the joy and thrill of living today?
Can you breathe the air, taste the food, hug a loved one, give to the poor and love those around you?
What more could you really want?

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