Searching for meaning connection grace
Hunting your longing seeking your place
Speaking to this “one” and that “one” who knows
Looking for answers in all sorts of prose

Feeling exhaustion from running around
Fearing connection will never be found
Just when you think you cannot win this race
Destiny surfaces lifts you into grace

All of a sudden a connection within
Your footsteps encircle the place to begin
Finally plugged into your central source
Your longing came from an internal divorce

Placing your answers outside yourself
You put reliance on somebody else
Brothers and sisters do not have your answers
Constant deferring lead to disasters

When you finally know “your guide is inside”
You can stand tall step into your pride
The voices you consult your own private god
Have waited with patience for your knowing nod

Have you discovered the real source of your own power, your central core?
How does it serve you? In what ways is it a resource?
How has your center informed your life?
How has it impacted your way in the world?
Your self-concept?
What challenges has it presented? What learning has it facilitated?

– Stewart Levine ©

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