It’s time to celebrate a passage in life
Arrived at a plateau survived all the strife
This is not the first it won’t be the last
When you live fully graduations happen fast

Time for reflection time for sheer joy
Time to acknowledge you’re no one’s toy
Many sentient beings don’t think it’s real
Accomplishing something is hard for them to feel

Please pause a moment drink it all in
You’ve earned it achieved it it’s a big win
There’s something about this one that’s big
Beginning adulthood is a new gig

Responsibility has its ups and downs
The good news you know how to heal other’s frowns
Joyous self-possession is special to feel
You are at the center of for you what is real

Honor this moment mark this slice of time
Let presence invade you be proud “this is mine!”
It’s no small achievement you’ve passed a great test
Take some time to soak in your profound happiness

Have you had a recent graduation of any kind?
Did you take the time to celebrate?
When friends or family have cause for celebration do you honor them?
Is there someone you might celebrate today?

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