I am very thankful and do not ask for more
People and their presence keep opening doors
The joys of connection relationships bring
Essentially others provide our wings

The privilege and pleasure of connecting deep
Provides contentment making a faint heart leap
The engaged communion of gathering beings
Sets you on flight supported by others wings

Please come listen to a voice sincere
Know that I’m grateful for having you here
What I can give is more than I know
When we are open we both get to grow

I’m grateful for boundaries we make disappear
So we can listen and really hear
What passes between is worth more than gold
The alchemy of presence precludes getting old

Thanks to the source who gave me dear friends
Without deep connections I’m lost at loose ends
The joy that pervades when our souls touch
Is a valued treasure thank you so much

Please spend some time today reflecting on the joy, healing
and discovery connections bring? Can you be specific?
Is there a way you might make that more deliberate?
What do you need to do everyday to recall the power
of sacred connection?

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