Profound sense of sadness something inside has died

Innocence has shattered more youth from me pried

My everyday was taken I was given tears

Have I been forsaken by my god of many years

My compass is spinning I have lost control

Emotions gyrate inside my huge empty hole

I recognize the anger a desire to attack

Even though heart’s chamber knows that will not bring things back

We must endure sadness mourn fully what is gone

Realize what is missing awake in shock at dawn

Cannot cut short the mourning pretend it is not so

Or cover it with palliatives that ignore the huge blow

Get down into your anger feel the burning rage

Sense it pacing in your heart a lion in its cage

Recognize within the heartache anguish fear and pain

Sunny expectations are now dark clouds of rain

Sit within that sadness know what now is gone

Sit be still and feel the pain nothing’s to be won

Victory is knowledge steadfastness and resolve

Demonstrate your wisdom is more powerful than their shove

Find out what was missing caused them to lash out

See what needs forgiving let your humanity shout

Let go all sense of enemy let love fill your heart

You’ve not been forsaken just shown another part

All here are play actors performing on god’s stage

We’ve come to learn our lessons feel wisdom love and rage

Let go of isolation of your lonely “I”

We are all connected under a sacred sky

At the end of this journey we can choose to go home

You get to come back again if your stuff you won’t own

Take heart in the messages you hear from inside

Honor your own voices it’s OK to have some pride

You are a sacred temple a noble house erect

Cautious of the meddling of those you “should” respect

Be brave enough to honor your own eternal truth

You cannot any longer hide behind the illusion of your youth

Speak your own perspective you are a voice of god

There are many others in each and every pod

Bless your own experience respect others’ too

No winners or losers that’s an old taboo

Allow the play of freedom to frolic on stage

Allow repressive forces and those who won’t engage

The end is the beginning of something that is new

Remember in your grief and pain the only out is through

What have your biggest lessons been?

What is the crucible that contained them?

How do those lessons inform you today?

Who would you be without those lessons?

What have you done in response to those lessons?

How have those lessons and disillusionments served you?

Can you be thankful for them?

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