Moment to moment no time for remorse

Living and present attached alive

All hooked in tandem how we survive

We progress getting more aligned

Improving connections front and behind

Possibility rises and shines

Getting to mastery where we really thrive

Glory inside begins to emerge

Connection gives us courageous nerve

Defining ourselves in relation to others

Sharing our lives with sisters and brothers

Enjoy truths emerging profound

Joining others here on the ground

Get close and tight don’t let go or daydream

Engage with loved ones hold them supreme

Foster the treasures right here on earth

Weather the chasms soar with new birth

Enable the best in you to emerge

Voices around give your life verve

What are the connections you have that you are thankful for?

What do they provide in your life?

How do those connections serve you?

What do you give to them?

What investment have you made in them?

Who would you be without those connections?

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