Finally grounded feet on the floor

This is a place I’ve not been before

Deep in my body my belly is home

From this strong center it’s easy to roam

The path I have traveled the tacks and stalls

Straight away speeding running into stone walls

The midnights of sweating the hole in my chest

The ongoing longing for someplace to rest

This sudden reclaiming of being that’s pure

The vast rearranging I could not want more

A life deep in body has challenges too

But earth is a teacher an old wisdom school

Many people resist the process of living

See human experience as unforgiving

I say please embrace the you that is real

Let go of defenses trust what you feel

The gift of your birthright an experience sublime

Follow your heart song have a good time

There’s no greater knowing than what’s inside you

Stay deep in your body it’s your friend lover too

How are you feeling about your own life experience?

Do you have a sense of being fully seated in your body?

Do you appreciate the wisdom your body has to teach you?

Do you honor it enough?

How might you pay tribute?

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