As we move through life seeking our center

At first we’re clear it resides in our mentor

Initially parents fill our need

Then it’s our teachers who give us our creed

As we keep learning it shifts place to place

Mostly it’s something outside our space

Religious affiliation and career goals

From nuclear family to friends spouses and roles

A political cause or some kind of dream

Something that’s simple something extreme

Please do take notice that all these things

Each is external to you as a human being

As you keep going and moving about

You keep on learning without a doubt

You come to discover your sacred source

Lives deep inside you can’t get a divorce

Don’t be afraid to follow your heart

There lies the spark from which comes your art

One day you’ll stop seeking external validation

Then you can accept you’re your own inspiration

What provides your ground?

Is it external or internal? Both?

Have you made deliberate choices about your center?

When was the last time?

What did you discover?

How did it inform you about your life?

Did you change anything? Why? Why not?

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