The illusion we carry we’re separate somehow

We are connected when we step into the now

The slate’s been scrubbed ready for the new

Time to be delighted with your brand that’s true

Listen to your deepest voices with not mind

Do not let the chattering distract with their usual grind

From your wellspring tap your deepest source

Now is the time for action not for remorse

Spread joy with a full ladle sacred magic dust

Repair deep fissures resist urges to bust

Allow big steps forward be strong do what you know

Elevate your trajectory and grow

Speak your message loudly don’t be shy or hesitate

Do not wait any longer get to your golden gate

Give sound to those voices let your presence through

Enable the choices that reflect the real you

Be mindful evil forces cloud your truest seeing

Let go all noises that will destroy your being

Summon your wisdom trumpet’s call

Remember the truth you can have it all

What are the things you really came to give others?

Can you see how taking care of others is taking care of yourself?

When did you learn to be selfish?

What do you think you get when you hold back the gifts you have for others?

What are the potential rewards?

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