In this precious moment right here current time
I will show you yours please friend show me mine
Reveling in each other allowing selves to be known
With each conversation golden seeds are sown

Naked and open innocence revealed
In sacred exchange we are both healed
As we journey forward uncovering more
Deliverance is assured whatever it is for

Smiles and laughter emerging in each sacred breathe
The sublime expression of exchanging tenderness
The warmth that is passing from being to being
Takes place in a dream state beneath our seeing

When you realize what is going on
Holy communion providing you a brand new dawn
Smiling and knowing you wear on your face
Embody the inside represent your knowing grace

Mindful and tender and of pure intention
Enable your admittance to another dimension
Respect and cherish the honor bestowed
Bless the loving that comforts as you travel the road

Recall the last time you had an encounter that touched you in a way that transformed your being?
What was the specific feeling you had and how did itchange your life?
How would your life be different if you had missed that opportunity?
What are you letting pass right now?

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